Taking Stock

The holiday season is naturally the best time to take stock of your life. Work slows down (hopefully) and you spend a lot more time with family and friends.
During your holiday break, you may become more aware that you are no longer happy with your job or your career?  Maybe your relationships are not as fulfilling as you had hoped? Or maybe you feel like something is “off” but are unclear as to what it might be? 
A great way to get clarity is through a self-assessment.
What is a self-assessment? According to Wikipedia, a self-assessment is “the process of looking at oneself in order to assess aspects that are important to one’s identity.”
So what does this really mean? Many of us goals we created earlier this year, or even five years ago. But the reality is, over time, our circumstances change or we may have serious curveballs thrown our way that derail us.
Performing a self-assessment on an annual or even a bi-annual basis can help you identify those curveballs and how far you may have gone off track. Only then are you able to recalibrate and reset your goals. 
One simple but effective tool is called the Wheel of Life. This tool takes several sections of your life and has you rate your level of satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 10.
So let’s give it a try. Take a piece of paper and make a circle with 8 sections. Title each section with the following categories:

  • Career

  • Family & Friends

  • Significant Other/Romance

  • Fun & Recreation

  • Health

  • Money

  • Personal Growth

  • Physical Environment

Next, rate your level of satisfaction in each category on a scale from 1 to 10. With 1 being completely unsatisfied and 10 being absolutely satisfied. Draw a line at the number you chose and if you want to get creative, color the section in.
The most important thing to remember in doing this exercise is to be honest with yourself. Your first choice is always the best.

One of my very first wheel of life exercises.

Now that your wheel is completed, let’s take a step back and look at your circle. Notice your choices in each category and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there any surprises?

  2. How do you feel as you look at your wheel?

  3. What would it take to make it a score of 10?

  4. What does a score of 10 look like to you?

It is important for us as human beings keep improving ourselves. Staying stagnant or settling for mediocrity only breeds more disappointment.  Change, no matter how scary it can be, is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.
YOU are in control of YOUR life! And whatever changes you decide to make for yourself do not have to be big, they can be small and subtle baby steps. Whatever works best for you, as long as you are working towards happiness. 

If you would like someone go through the exercise with you, please contact me for a complementary session.  We can drill deeper into your results, get you even clearer on what needs to change, as well as the unbiased support so you will be able to implement change faster.