3 Great Reasons To Have A Coaching Agreement

You signed a client!!!


After you finish celebrating by doing a little dance in your office, or maybe that's just me, now it's time to send them your coaching agreement.

"Wait, what's a coaching agreement?"

A coaching agreement is basically a legally binding contract that is signed by both the coach and the client. The purpose of the document is to outline in detail both what coaching is and what the client can expect from your time together.

"But I just told them all of that over the phone? Why do I need to put it into writing?"

The mere fact that a client signed with you doesn't mean they understand what coaching is about. Think about the first time you came across coaching. You probably weren't sure what do expect. I know I didn't.

So here are three really great reasons why you should have a coaching agreement.

  1. Co-create the coaching space. You lay out the specifics of what working with you will entail such as program length, duration of sessions, as well as your payment and cancellation policy, just to name a few.

  2. It looks professional. Who doesn't want that? To give yourself that extra polish, use websites like DocuSign or HelloSign for secure signing and document storage.

  3. Protection. The Coaching Agreement is there for you in the event something goes wrong such as a client refusing to pay you for services rendered or a client losing out on a session if they didn't cancel within 24 hours. Coaching is about accountability, and the rules must be enforced.

Lastly, there are tons of examples of coaching agreements out there on the internet that you can reference. Don't blindly cut and paste. Make sure to customize the agreement to fit your needs and have it reviewed by a lawyer.

Better safe than sorry!

I want to hear from you! Do you have a coaching agreement? Why or why not? Post your thoughts in the comments below.