5 Reasons to Hire A Mentor Coach

Sometimes it feels like there are a million coaches out there trying to get you to that "6-figure income."

Not that it's a bad thing! You need money to live.

During the day-to-day process of building your practice, it can be easy to forget why you became a coach in the first place, to service your clients.

It can also be easy to forget that your coaching skills need as much development as your marketing funnels.

So how do you develop your coaching skills? Hire a Mentor Coach!

The ICF defines Mentor Coaching as "providing professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level sought by a coach applicant."

In other words, hiring a Mentor Coach will get you these five things:

  1. Increased confidence around your ability to coach. Sure, you have the training, but it's what happens after the training that matters. Every client is different so how do you know if the way you are coaching is appropriate and impactful?

  2. Identify your strengths so you can make them even stronger. A Mentor Coach will help you identify what you do well so you can take those strengths to the next level.

  3. Get honest and articulate feedback. Do you know your areas of weakness? Having a Mentor Coach can help point out your blind spots.

  4. Get encouragement to reach beyond what you think is possible. We all have beliefs about what we can and can't do. What if your limiting beliefs hold you back from being a fantastic coach for your clients?

  5. It just makes good business sense. If you encourage personal and professional development for your clients, why not invest in yourself too?