3 Bad Habits That Need to Stop Immediately

We can't be perfect all of the time.

Though we are all fantastic coaches, we are also human, we make mistakes, and we get comfortable.

So it's natural for us to pick up bad habits.

As coaches, it's our responsibility to know when these habits are present and that we make the necessary changes quickly.

Not sure if this applies to you? Here are three bad habits that need to change STAT:

  1. You listen to respond and do not listen to understand. When you find yourself searching for the next great question instead of listening to your client, it's time to check yourself. Quiet the mind. Trust in yourself and your intuition. When you are present with your client and listening at all levels, the next question will come. It's the struggle, along with the fact that you are not paying attention, that will keep you stuck.

  2. You ask leading questions. Examples are "Did that make you feel sad?" or "How scary was that?" Leading questions are essentially putting your own words into the client's mouth, and it interrupts their train of thought. When your client chooses their own words, they will gain a deeper awareness about themselves. So instead of asking them, "Did that feel weird?" ask "How did that make you feel?"

  3. You tell the client what to do. There is a fine line between coaching and consulting. Coaches ask questions. They stay curious. They support the client in achieving the desired result. Coaches even build on their client's strengths and empower the client to solve their problems. That is when real change happens.

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