3 Ways Your Clients Can Achieve Their Goals

Do you have a client who never seems to do her homework?

Or maybe the client comes to each session, week after week, completely unprepared?

Or maybe your high achiever suddenly turned into a procrastinator?

As a coach, it can be incredibly frustrating to have a client who is consistently unprepared or who doesn't seem to care about the goals they set.

In fact, what are you supposed to do if you have to be completely unattached to the reality that the homework isn't done? How can you make sure they are still willing and able to work towards their goals?

It's simple! Just ask them these questions:

  1. Are the goals aligned with their values? Is the client even aware of what those values are?

  2. Did they create these goals themselves or were they assigned to them? Are the goals specific, measurable, and achievable?

  3. Have you asked the client what works best for them? What gets them motivated? Are they process-oriented or outcome-oriented? Do they need accountability?

If your client cannot answer any of the questions above, then I would suggest putting the goals on hold while you spend some time with the client exploring their answers. When it is time, revisit the goals and do whatever recalibration is needed.

Exploring the what and why behind the goals is the perfect answer to getting your clients back on the road to achieving their goals.

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