The Most Important Exercise You Can Do With Your Clients

Let's say you have a client who is unhappy in their job, and they feel stuck, lost, burned out, and/or frustrated. You want them to get unstuck and find happiness in their career. 

Perhaps you have a client who is completely overwhelmed at work. They have no idea how to delegate or to communicate their needs.  You want them to get out of overwhelm and into productivity. You want them to learn how to communicate and more importantly, how to say no.  And for some, you want them to come to the informed conclusion of whether they should stay or go. 

Or maybe you have a budding entrepreneur who is not able to get clients. They are starting to procrastinate in their business, and all motivation has gone out the window. You want to find a way to motivate them and get them back to achieving their goals. You want them to be productive and actually, have some balance in their life. And more importantly, you want them to be able to make money.

Lastly, maybe you have a client who has been looking for her partner for a long time, and after all of that coaching, she continues to meet the same person over and over and over. You want your client to find the love she deserves and be happy. You want her to grow from her experiences, not let her experiences run the show. 

So what can you do?

Out of all of the coaching tools I have learned, this one is the best exercise that gets my clients focused, and re-focused, on their goals every single time.

It’s working with them to discover their values. 

Values are what a person thinks is important in life and it’s different for every person.

When I coach a client, I always work with them on value-setting. I have found that 60% of my clients have no idea what their values are and a small percentage can only identify a few. 

And I don’t blame them, I didn’t know my values until I was 40 years old and getting into coaching. The word "values" is always thrown around as this high-level concept but rarely do we spend time actually thinking about them and putting them into action. 

Values are important because they show up in both your personal and professional life. Knowing them can provide direction and motivation. They help your clients make important decisions when they are stuck and they make a person happy.  

Even if a client already knows their values, I would encourage you to spend time going through this exercise. Values change as a person's life changes. I recently went through a values exercise with one of my clients because he was operating on values he created from when he was in his early 20's. Now he’s 30-something with a wife and two kids. What was important back then is very different today. 

Here is another example. If your client values creativity, freedom, and growth yet they are stuck in a job doing the same tasks day in and day out while working with a micromanager, they are going to be miserable. 

Or if your client values travel, is she going to be happy with a significant other who has never left the state and has no desire to do so in the future?

In my last post, I talked about goal setting. Values have an essential part to play in that. You can set goals all day, every day, but if you don’t have a clear direction or know the what or the why behind it, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

So dig in and find out what your client’s core values are. Help them discover what’s missing and have them create a plan that’s aligned with their values so that it's easy for them to achieve their goals.

Do you already use values in your coaching? What have you learned? 

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