Is Coaching A Career Or A Hobby?

A phrase that I hear from my clients on almost a daily basis is that "coaching doesn't feel like a real job."

I know I felt that way when I first started to coach, but it wasn't until I began to mentor other coaches that I heard that others felt the same.

So I started to look at the patterns. Who was saying this to me? Where are they in their career? What was their background before they became a coach?

Granted, it's not a scientific study, but I noticed that this belief came from new coaches with less than a year of experience, and before becoming a coach, had a corporate background.

I believe I know the reason why.

When you work in corporate, you know exactly where you need to be from Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm. Within that time frame, you know precisely the kind of work you should be doing from one hour to the next because your goals are not only driven by you but by your manager, your business partners, and the company.

When you are a coach, chances are, you work at home. You probably only have to walk a few feet from your kitchen to your office, if your even lucky enough to have an office. You interact with your clients through your calls and your virtual assistant. You don't have a manager or company directive driving you. You quite possibly spend the bulk of your days dressed looking like you are ready for business from the waist up and yoga pants from the waist down. Finally, the temptation to do laundry or other household errands in the middle of the day is so strong because the opportunity is right there.

No wonder coaching doesn't feel like a real job!

To be successful as a coach, you MUST believe that what you do is real, impacts others, and has the same amount of importance as your previous career.

For you to step into the mindset of a coach AND a business owner, you need to start doing these 5 things immediately:

  1. Create a morning routine. You used to have a morning routine when you worked in corporate. You woke up, ate breakfast, got the kids ready, made lunches, and drove to work. Today, my morning routine consists of waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, journaling, meditating, and sometimes I'll even include a bit of yoga. This routine helps me to get focused and settled into my day. What kind of morning routine can you create for yourself?

  2. Keep the yoga pants for yoga. I get it, yoga pants are SUPER comfortable, and no one sees you from the waist down anyway (if you're doing video calls). Why does it matter what you wear? It matters more than you think. Being in the mindset of a business owner is no different than working in corporate. Wearing cute clothes can change how you feel about yourself. Don't believe me? I would like to invite you to try a little experiement. For the next 5 business days, I want you to dress nicely for your coaching calls. Then for the next 5 days, I want you to go back to your usual wardrobe. What did you notice?

  3. Stop doing laundry in the middle of the day! Basically, stop doing anything that is not related to your coaching business from the hours of 9-6. Stop taking calls from your friends and scheduling any other personal appointments. Basically, if you didn't do it when you worked in corporate, then it most certainly doesn't fit into this business either. Create clear and reliable boundaries about your time and how it is used. Your work time is precious, treat it as such.

  4. Create business goals. I want you to think about what gets you excited and motivated to succeed. Is it the number of discovery sessions you have every week? The number of clients you sign? Are you driven by a monthly financial goal? Discover your motivation, create a plan that will get you there and stick to it.

  5. Find a mastermind partner. Think of your mastermind partner as your business partner or your business bestie, a person to hold you accountable to your goals. Entrepreneurs who work with a mastermind partner are proven to be more successful than those who decide to go it alone. Work with your partner or group every week to brainstorm business ideas, get advice, challenge each other and better yet, hold each other accountable.

You have a special gift to give this world. Stop treating your coaching career like it's a hobby and step into the power of a business owner. Your clients will thank you.